What’s The Latest?

Hey there, friends! How are you holding up? I thought I’d write a quick update on how Daniel Diamonds is weathering the Covid-19 storm.

We closed our store on Thursday, March 19th, as we no longer felt it was safe to be open the the public, and foot traffic had ground to a halt. Many of our clients are at-risk, and we just didn’t want to take any chances. We decided to switch over to online-only, meaning we are still shipping website orders (for free!), and doing virtual jewelry design. We are so grateful to everyone who is continuing to jewelry shop during this time, because as you know, small businesses around the country are suffering, and jewelry can bring some much-needed joy to peoples’ lives.

We decided today that we’re going to do a little spring sale on our website, so as of this afternoon, in addition to free shipping, we’ll be offering discounts on every single item on our website. We are also offering free delivery to clients in the 80439 and 80401 zip codes! Select the in-store pickup option at checkout, and we will coordinate your free delivery.

In terms of custom work, we are still in full force. There may be some minor delays, but all of our manufacturers overseas are open for business-as-usual. The Diamond Exchange in Israel is still open, but is taking precautions and has closed all public spaces (gyms, food courts, trading halls). Sadly, our US vendors based out of Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago have been forced to close temporarily, but fortunately, we have a vast network, and access to products from vendors in other parts of the world who are less affected. We are taking all possible precautions when ordering products to sanitize boxes before opening them, and handle each item carefully.

This is a wild time in history, and we have so much respect and admiration for our partners who are doing their best to keep things business-as-usual. Our local Evergreen businesses are all working hard to keep afloat, and we suggest you support them as much as possible during this time. The world is going to be a very different place when this is all over and done with, but we hope to see you all on the other side, and we greatly appreciate your support, your referrals, and your business.

Stay safe and healthy!