Jewelry Repair

Daniel Diamonds On Site Jewelry Repair

We have access to all of the most high tech equipment necessary to perform almost any type of repair on your platinum, gold, silver and palladium jewelry. Our jewelers have years of experience and can size, polish, retip or replace prongs and more.


Daniel Diamonds Polishing And Cleaning

Jewelry polishing is done on a polishing wheel and utilizes different types of polishing compounds to remove a very fine layer of material from the surface of the piece. By doing this, most shallow scratches are removed, leaving your jewelry looking shiny and new. The cost of polishing is dependent on the particular piece of jewelry. We do not recommend frequent polishing.

Jewelry cleaning is free of charge. We soak the piece in a heated ultrasonic cleaner with a jewelry safe detergent to remove built up dirt from even the tiniest crevices in a piece of jewelry. We highly recommend bringing frequently worn jewelry items in for cleaning at least twice a year to be inspected and shined up!


Daniel Diamonds Ring Sizing

Standard ring sizing, both larger and smaller, is done here in the store within one week of drop-off. We can size white and yellow gold, platinum and sterling silver rings here on premises. Alternative metal jewelry, such as titanium and tungsten wedding bands, cannot be sized, but if they were purchased from us, they may be able to be exchanged for a different size.


Daniel Diamonds Rhodium Plating

Rhodium is a very white, hard metal from the platinum family. Since 14k white gold is 58% gold, and 18k is 75% gold, white gold jewelry will naturally have a yellowish cast to it. In order to prevent that, it is plated with rhodium. Over time and with regular wear, rhodium can and will wear off, and you may begin to notice your white gold jewelry looking slightly yellow. It is most commonly noticed on the back of wedding rings.

Exposure to certain chemicals can cause rhodium plating to wear off prematurely. We always recommend taking jewelry off before applying hand sanitizer, using harsh detergents, or entering a hot tub.

If your white gold jewelry is looking slightly dull or yellow, the process to bring it back to life is simple. It is polished, then plated using an electroplating process. It’s done by our jeweler on site and takes less than a week. The cost is dependent on the piece of jewelry.

Our on-site jeweler is able to set most precious and semi-precious gemstones, large and small, here in the store. We also tighten loose gemstones and diamonds, repair prongs, channels and bezels, and most repairs are completed within one week of drop-off.

We restring pearls or any type of beads. Stringing is done by an experienced pearl and bead stringer and most jobs are completed within 1-2 weeks.

  • Pearl restringing
  • Clasp replacement
  • Custom bead stringing and design
  • Knotted or un-knotted
  • Many colors of silk available