Why the obvious choice isn’t always so obvious.

Here is a price comparison between Daniel Diamonds and a well known chain jewelry store:

Chain jeweler has a 1.09 CT I1, J color radiant cut diamond for sale for $4720. We would sell the exact same carat weight and clarity diamond, with better color, for $2400.

Chain jeweler has a 1.21 CT VS2, E color emerald cut diamond for $9440. We would sell the same color and clarity diamond, but better cut, for $7623.

People shop the familiar names because they’re the obvious choice. I get it. With the familiar names, you get efficiency, motivated sales staff, a cold and corporate purchasing experience, a ring that is mass produced, and no guarantee that when you go in for service that you’ll ever work with the same person twice. Should buying a diamond be like buying a car? No, not at all.

People shop the internet because it’s easy to price shop. On the surface, it seems like you’re comparing apples to apples. You’re a price savvy consumer, and the internet is comfortable.

Here’s the reality: The familiar names have high overhead, high employee turnover, high advertising costs. You will never build a relationship with them, despite what they tell you. If you’re buying from a well known designer, prepare to pay a premium for the designer name.

The internet seems convenient, but it’s impossible to compare apples to apples when you’re buying a diamond sight unseen. I have been in the jewelry business for 7 years and I will never get to a point where I would feel comfortable buying a diamond sight unseen for our inventory, much less for myself. If you buy a diamond from website A, and a ring from website B, and have stone setter C set it, what will you do if something goes wrong? Who is going to be there for you when a little diamond falls out of the setting? Again, you will never build a relationship with anyone, and your cost savings could very quickly be offset if there’s an issue.

Be smart. Buy from an experienced, locally owned jeweler that you trust. Build a relationship. That’s how to be savvy. Got questions? Ask away. We are here for you.