How does the custom process work?

We are a small business, and we believe that the personal connection we make with our customers is what sets us apart from the larger online retailers who offer custom design through their websites. Getting to know you is the most important parts of the design process, thus, we have no forms for you to fill out. No apps for you to fuss with. Simply email us at or give us a call at 303-674-6673 to set up an appointment.
We will take the time to understand you, your style preferences, and what it is that you hope to achieve. We take pride in our ability to guide our customers through what can be a daunting process, whether you know exactly it is that you want, or you have no idea. Our design process goes beyond piecing together different components. We start from scratch to create fine jewelry that is hand made by experts, and is truly one-of-a-kind.
Once we have the details of the design worked out, we will have our factory create a detailed, scale hand drawing, and an exact price quote. If any little details need to be modified, we will do so until we get it exactly right. When the drawing is perfect, we will take a 50% deposit and send it into production. You can pay the balance in installments, or upon completion. The balance must be paid in full prior to delivery. If you require financing, please let us know at the beginning of the process so we can discuss your options.
Can you make jewelry using my stones?
Of course! It is always easiest to design something if we have your stones in our hands. We will need the exact dimensions in millimeters in order to accurately scale your design to your stones, and many times, we will need to send the stones to our factory in order to have them set. If you are out of state, we will send you a shipping label so that you can safely send them to our facility. All of our shipments are insured.
So my stones will have to go through the mail?
Small diamonds (also called melee) will need to go to the factory so that they can design the piece around them. If we don’t have your diamonds, they may not fit into the completed piece. Large loose diamonds/colored stones must come to us in order for us to take measurements, however they will be set on-site once your piece is finished. They will remain in our safe throughout the process, or if you are local, they can stay with you.
Occasionally, a customer comes to us with a diamond that is set in something that they want to continue to wear while their custom piece is in production. As long as we can get an accurate measurement on the stone either by measuring it in our store, or with a certificate from a laboratory, you can continue to wear it until the new piece is ready. If you are out of state and do not have a certificate stating the exact dimensions of the stone, we cannot guarantee that it will fit into the custom piece.
Can you make jewelry using my gold?
In order to guarantee the best finished product possible, we will only create new castings using fresh gold. We will, however, give you scrap credit for any gold you would like to trade in. We take any type of gold in on trade, whether it’s old, broken jewelry, coins, or even dental gold. It will be weighed, and the value calculated based on the gold price on the day that it is traded in.
If you have existing gold jewelry that you would like to modify, keeping some of it intact, we can work with you on a design incorporating that piece.
Where will my jewelry be made?
The vast majority of our custom designs are manufactured in Hong Kong. If we are repurposing an existing piece, it is usually done on site. Occasionally, we will work with a local jeweler or stone setter. It depends on the exact work that needs to be done.
How long will it take? 
How long the design process takes will depend on the complexity of the design. Once we have design approval, the manufacturing process can take up to 10 weeks. We realize you are excited and eager, but because each piece is hand made and requires time and attention to detail, we believe it’s well worth the wait for something you will cherish for the rest of your life.
What if I don’t like it once it’s finished?
We will do everything in our power to guarantee that the finished piece of jewelry exactly reflects the drawing that you approved. Occasionally, when we are working with a customer’s stones, we will find that a design has to be modified slightly in order to accommodate the stones. If this is the case, we will communicate this fact with you before proceeding. If you are dissatisfied with your finished piece because of an error on our part, we will modify or remake it to your satisfaction. If you are dissatisfied with a finished piece that does match the drawing, we will do our best to modify it to your satisfaction, however there will be a labor charge.