10 Engagement Rings Under $1500

You and your love deserve to wear beautiful, high quality rings that reflect your unique style, and will last as long as your love. We believe that beauty and quality should be attainable for everyone, no matter their budget, so we put together a list of some of our favorite engagement rings that cost $1500… Read more »

What’s The Latest?

Hey there, friends! How are you holding up? I thought I’d write a quick update on how Daniel Diamonds is weathering the Covid-19 storm. We closed our store on Thursday, March 19th, as we no longer felt it was safe to be open the the public, and foot traffic had ground to a halt. Many… Read more »

3 Reasons Why We Love Sapphire Engagement Rings

1. They are colorful! When we think of sapphire, we think blue, right? What most people don’t realize is that sapphires come in every color of the rainbow. They are great for adding a bright focal point, or just tiny colorful details to an engagement ring. We love pink sapphires in rose gold, orange sapphires… Read more »

Blue Sapphire Buying 101

Are you a Sapphire expert? No? Let’s change that! There is a lot of misinformation floating around about sapphires, and we’re here to dispel those myths. This weekend, when you’re out with your friends, you’ll be able to impress them with your knowledge of precious gems. Keep scrolling to learn why darker isn’t better, and… Read more »

1.90 or 2.00 carats?

If you’ve been researching diamonds, you may have heard that buying a diamond that weighs just under two carats will save you a lot of money over buying a diamond that hits the 2 carat mark. Diamonds are priced per carat, and diamonds under two carats cost less per carat, so when you reach the… Read more »

Alternative Bridal

Now more than ever, our clients want their engagement ring to reflect their uniqueness and their style. They see their ring as a symbol of both their commitment to their partner, and their personality. Below is a collection of Daniel Diamonds engagement rings using non-traditional center stones. We never back down from a creative challenge!… Read more »

What Makes Vintage Diamonds Different?

Let’s Break It Down The diamond above is an Old Mine Cut. Notice the large open culet (the black dot in the center is because the bottom of the stone is cut off) and the slightly square, irregular shape. Old mine cuts were a product of the technology of the time. The diamonds, cut without the advantage… Read more »

Why the obvious choice isn’t always so obvious.

Here is a price comparison between Daniel Diamonds and a well known chain jewelry store: Chain jeweler has a 1.09 CT I1, J color radiant cut diamond for sale for $4720. We would sell the exact same carat weight and clarity diamond, with better color, for $2400. Chain jeweler has a 1.21 CT VS2, E… Read more »

Welcome to the World of Diamonds

The following is an article that was printed in the November, 2013 edition of Colorado Serenity magazine. Serenity 2013-11 P24 Serenity 2013-11 P25 Welcome to the World of DIAMONDS By Jo Ann M. Colton Diamonds represent a multi-faceted business industry like no other and people everywhere are drawn to these exquisite gems. Yet, while most… Read more »

Why Diamonds?

Why diamonds? Diamonds are a 10 on the Mohs scale, a scale used to gauge the hardness of gems and minerals. Corundum (more commonly known as ruby and sapphire) is a 9, which would lead one to believe that it’s nearly as hard as a diamond. But what most people don’t realize is that while… Read more »


People ask us all the time about the difference between the many varieties of pearls. The two main types of pearls are natural and cultured.  Natural pearls are those found in the wild, which are created inside the mollusk without any human intervention. The chances of finding a natural pearl in the wild are very… Read more »

How to care for your silver jewelry at home

Growing up, I remember watching my mother spend hours polishing her silver before having guests over. She’d stand over the sink with a cloth and the polish and shine it until it looked perfect. Now, with gold and silver prices skyrocketing, I buy a lot of scrap silver because people are just tired of cleaning… Read more »