Alternative Bridal

Now more than ever, our clients want their engagement ring to reflect their uniqueness and their style. They see their ring as a symbol of both their commitment to their partner, and their personality. Below is a collection of Daniel Diamonds engagement rings using non-traditional center stones. We never back down from a creative challenge!


Sapphires of all colors are a popular choice for bridal jewelry for obvious reasons. Options are endless as far as color, shape and size, so it’s easy to create a totally one-of-a-kind design. Sapphires have superior durability to most other colored gemstones, so if the idea of a monochromatic engagement ring bores you, perhaps a richly colored sapphire engagement ring is what you need!


Rustic Diamonds

If you like designs that are more organic and earthy, consider a rustic diamond. Whether it’s salt-and-pepper, champagne colored, or just a funky rose cut, we can design you a ring that you won’t see anywhere else. Rustic diamonds offer similar durability to traditional white diamonds, but sometimes the flaws that make them so interesting can also make them slightly less durable. That doesn’t mean they aren’t a great choice for an engagement ring, it just means your rustic diamond should be carefully selected by a diamond pro.



Moissanite has become one of the most popular center stones for engagement rings. Its incredible brilliance, durability, and lower price tag make it hard to beat. It gives off a rainbow effect, which gives it a distinct look, as compared to a diamond (pictured below). Moissanite can be cut into any size and shape that a diamond can, so it can essentially take the place of a diamond center stone in any style ring. Moissanite also comes in rich shades of green, and black.



Lab Grown Diamonds

It’s just like an earth mined diamond, but instead of forming in the ground over thousands of years, it’s formed in a factory. Lab grown diamonds are a wonderful option for the environmentally, and socially conscious engagement ring shopper. Just like an earth mined diamond, lab grown diamonds are sold in a variety of shades of yellow, brown, pink, and even blue. The price, as compared to an earth mined diamond, is quite a bit less, and experts expect them to continue to drop as technology improves.



The soft, pale pink of morganite has charmed thousands of engagement ring shoppers, with good reason. It looks absolutely beautiful paired with rose gold, but it lends itself well to virtually any style. Morganite is less durable than other options, but the cost savings and beauty make it well worth it. Keep your morganite ring clean, or the stone will begin to look dull and hazy.



Rose Cut Diamonds

Rose cut diamonds date back hundreds of years, and can give your ring an unusual vintage flair. They have a flat bottom, a domed crown, and significantly fewer facets than a round brilliant diamond, so they are somewhat translucent. This means they show any inclusions that are within the stone. You can play off of this with a salt and pepper look, or opt for a clean, clear stone. Rose cuts can be any shape!


Fancy Color Natural Diamonds

Natural diamonds don’t have to be white! Many of them form in nature in beautiful, vibrant colors – from yellow to brown to orange to pink. There are processes to treat natural diamonds to bring out even more vibrant and unusual colors that don’t form in nature. Prices vary depending on the rarity – some colors are difficult to achieve, even with technological advances.